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Aodigy Team


Salesforce Trigger framework and when not to use it

If you are reading this blog, most probably you had googled this keyword “Salesforce trigger best practices” and the result from that was to use Salesforce trigger framework and most of the blogger will either build their own framework or recommends “Kevin’o hara” framework. Today I will be sharing which…
Aodigy Team
March 25, 2022


At the base of every consulting company, it always boils down to margin & utilisation. We beg to differ... When we first started the company, the intention was clear - this is a people business, the focus will always be about fostering & growing our relationship with our employees and…
Aodigy Team
March 25, 2022

Building an Aura to LWC Converter

A while back, I built an Aura to LWC Converter for fun, and here’s how I did it. The Magic Ingredients Here I’ll list everything from infrastructure components to software libraries which I used to implement the backend engine with its associated “business logic”. Heroku - Hosting provider for the…
Aodigy Team
February 4, 2022
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