With an in-depth knowledge of Enterprise Architecture, Technology & Business, we build solutions across the different business domains, helping you transform digitally.

Who We Are

Our company specializes in the Salesforce ecosystem, the world’s #1 CRM system.

At Aodigy, we are highly-experienced, dynamic and agile, enabling us to deliver quick turnkey modern customer engagement solutions on the Salesforce platform.


2 Founders are ex-Salesforce employees with deep expertise, experience in CRM, Enterprise Applications & Integration


Experienced in multiple industries including Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Financial Services, Mining, Retail, Hi-Tech & more.

Our Solutions

Providing A World Class, Streamlined Experience For Your Customers, Partners And Employees Through An Integrated Platform


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Customer & Partner Experience

  • Building a connected digital experience across all your external stakeholders
  • Infuse data for stakeholders for streamlined experiences
  • WYSIWYG builder for personalized content and branding
  • Deliver a rich, branded, and device-responsive mobile experience with pre-built templates
  • Inbuilt insights on how each stakeholders uses the experience and optimize accordingly
  • Quickly launch solutions, i.e. Partner Relationship Management, Customer Service, B2B Commerce, External Apps and Portals

Digital Marketing

  • Powering marketing automation with customer and transactional data
  • Enable all marketing channels, i.e. email, messaging, mobile app, social, online
  • Build 1-to-1 customer journeys across all channels and department
  • Unite marketing and sales on a single platform for B2B marketing automation
  • Integrate eCommerce and Marketing for B2C marketing automation
  • Connected loyalty program through entire customer experiences

Business & Artificial Intelligence

  • Real-time reporting & dashboard for operations, management and external stakeholders
  • Large data volume processing
  • Visual WYSIWYG report & dashboard creation
  • Self service tools with scheduled subscription for managers
  • Prediction builder & discovery of data patterns using Artificial Intelligence

User Experience & Interface

  • Configurable dynamic screens with fields, list, graphics with clicks not code for every roles and profiles
  • Option of pixel perfect UX design confirming with the latest web standards
  • Branding and theming of apps for a consistent experience
  • Multiple apps for different departments & users in a single platform
  • Reusable UI components across platform
  • Real-time data changes with client-side processing based on data inputs

Customer 360

  • 360 view of your customers’ data including every interaction from inquiry to a purchase to customer support
  • Varying Accessibility based on roles to the same version of truth about the customer
  • Displaying the information at the right time and place for every user
  • Formulating the unique customer identifier across the organization


  • Accessing all information about customer, past & related transactions on the go
  • Pipeline, forecast and KPIs reporting and visuals for you and your team
  • Collaboration with & across teams to secure deals
  • Plan and work on key accounts
  • Keeping track of all sales activities including email communications
  • Configure, Pricing and Quotation with product master, pricing rules, approvals and quotation generation


  • Resolving customer issues in a coordinated and structural manner with relevant information
  • Omni channel interaction with phone, email, chat, messaging & forms with AI BOTs assistance
  • Linking Service Contract & Warranty management
  • Service as a Profit Center
  • FAQs and Knowledge Base fully integrated into Customer Service process
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Field Service installation, tracking and maintenance

Operational Excellence

  • Process automation with in-build engines with clicks not code
  • Can be extended across to all departments sharing the same source of truth for streamlined processes
  • Configured UI for both browser and mobile app for intuitiveness and better productivity
  • Realtime validation with data onscreen and other systems for a robust data entry and process
  • Upstream and Downstream Operational processes which derived from Sales & Service which flows directly into your Finance System
  • File management with with structured and validation which can be integrated with own content management system

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Integration to Apps, eCommerce, ERPs

  • API Led Approach for Integration – methodical way to connect data to applications through reusable and purposeful APIs
  • Pre-built connectors, templates and integration patterns to connect to hundreds of systems, accelerating time to value
  • Real-time or Batch data integration with mapping and transformation with configuration
  • Single Sign On across all internal systems
  • Single Sign On across all external apps for all your stakeholders
  • Data identifier formulation and structure alignment
  • Managed all integration points on a single integration platform

Our Technology Partners

We work with the best innovative technology platforms to deliver digital solutions

For robust & scalable solutions consistently

The Aodigy Framework

Our framework and best practices facilitate our team to effectively deliver robust and scalable solutions in a consistent approach that all our consultants understand.


Setting the right standards for configuration practice such as:

  • Object Management with Design Thinking
  • Naming Convention
  • Approach for Scalability
  • Multi-Country Considerations
  • Layered Access Controls
  • Process Automation, etc.


Collection of technical libraries, design principles and best practices, which includes:

  • Design Principles & Modular Development Guidelines
  • Development Standard and Best Practices
  • Technical Coding Libraries (Github)
  • Reusable technical artefacts and libraries (Github)
Agility & Flexibility

Our Delivery Approach

♯SHARP is Aodigy’s adapted agile framework, tailor-made and refined as we deliver solution increments. Our delivery model is flexible to meet your needs, and adaptable the size and structure of your organization. We emphasize on usability, business-value and speed while maintaining an optimal and sustainable cost structure.


We plan the product backlog with you, prioritize items based on value and expand on what needs to be done based on your needs and our experience.


We execute the work items in the order of priority, following Aodigy’s Standards to ensure solutions are built with quality.


You look at the demo and comment on what’s built. Your inputs define what you get!