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At the base of every consulting company, it always boils down to margin & utilisation. We beg to differ…

When we first started the company, the intention was clear – this is a people business, the focus will always be about fostering & growing our relationship with our employees and customers. For us, it’s a rather simple equation…

  1. Focus on the people
  2. People deliver quality work
  3. Quality work attracts good customer
  4. Good customer drives growing business

Hiring was hard in the beginning, especially so when we are new in the market and interviewing from plastics stools (as we just move into our humble office in Burlington Square). It was difficult to attract experienced people. So it was a conscious decision to hire younger, fresher people that are hungrier and motivated to build the company together. We have a whole bunch of CVs from different domains…IT, Engineering, Banks, Sales and even a Political Science graduate (more about that later). Surprisingly, we fond the more impressive and eager people are those without IT foundation. Most of these folks are still with us today, driving projects and leading teams…growing beyond their years.

aodigy-image 3

One such trailblazer is the Political Science graduate I’m talking about. He has no prior IT or consulting work experience, just took up some courses on Java programming. His passion and eagerness was obvious, I can almost feel him kissing him when I gave him a job over the phone. At that point, I knew that he is going to thrive, not just for us but for his own career.

Tom’s extreme work ethics in combination with his cocky smartness is for all to see, and this clearly rubbed off the rest of his peers as none wants to be left behind. In a short span of about a year, he has ganared over 15+ Salesforce certifications, surpassing even the founders of Aodigy…and became the first Trailblazer to be recognised in Singapore. We are very proud of course, like the parents whose child just top the PSLE score in Singapore.

aodigy-image 4

One of our co-founders quote about him, “Tom is like a machine, he is doing the work of 5 developers”. (

aodigy-image 5

Now he has 33 Salesforce certifications and trailhead badges 1,537. (

Employees come and go in our modern workplaces. Don’t get me wrong, it is always our priority to retain our people with our people & familiy culture. What is more important to us is that when our people move on, they can hold their head up high and say that they are proud to be from Aodigy, and it was great fun to be working here, in Aodigy!

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